2020 Goodspeed Musicals Johnny Mercer Writers Colony

Goodspeed Musicals is the first of its kind in the country dedicated solely to the creation of new musicals, providing a sanctuary for composers, lyricists, and librettists to embark on new musical theatre work in an environment rich with creative energy.

Writers: Lainie Sakakura & Paul Fujimoto

Corner Of Bitter And Sweet

Musical adaptation of NY Times Best Seller, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford. 1942 wartime Seattle. 12 year old Henry, a Chinese American boy, has a secret love of jazz music and his best friend is a black jazz saxophone player. Henry's life is turned upside down when he meets Keiko, a Japanese American girl and the only other Asian kid in school. A multi-generational story about fathers and sons, coming of age, Seattle jazz, racism, blind patriotism. and unbreakable bonds.

Theatre 71, NYC - October 2019

NYC 29 Hr AEA Reading - 5th Avenue Theatre, Abingdon Theatre Co

Director & Book by Lainie Sakakura

Music & Lyrics by Paul Fujimoto

Cantonese Consultant: Fenton Li

Music Supervisor & Dance Arrangements: Sam Davis

Percussion: Kory Grossman

Stage Management: Anita Shastri, Nicole Marcon

Documentarian: Lia Chang

Cast: Jane Bernhard, Darius de Haas, Carly Gendell, Rick Faugno, Kenny Ingram, Sala Iwamatsu, Spencer Jones, Kathleen Kwan, Darren Lee, Jonny Lee Jr., Fenton Li, Jason Ma, Zach Mackiewicz, Mary Beth Purdy, Alex Sanchez, Avelina Sanchez, Isabela Sanchez, Ian Saraceni, Virginia Woodruff, Timothy Yang


BCEFA Red Bucket Follies Opening Number - Celebrating 60th Anniversary of Flower Drum Song  and Asian Americans on Broadway 

New Amsterdam Theatre, NYC December 2018

Dir/Choreography by Alex Sanchez

Written/Co-Conceived/Additional Lyrics by Lainie Sakakura

Co-conceived by Telly Leung

43 AAPI Broadway Performers: A.Albano, S.Allen, S.Ancheta, A.Ariano, P.Chin, M.Choi, A.Chu, M.Dionisio, A.Ewoldt, T.Fischer, L.Gaston, S.Hong, J.Hwang, J.Ignacio, S.Imamura, M.Imoto, A.Ing, N.Lam, T.Leung, J.Llana, B.Lee, J.Long, J.Marcos, P.Miller, C.Morra, K.Nakagawa, A.Park, V.Racimo, C.Ricafort, L.Sakakura, R.Sandhu, H.Sebek, S.Smith, R.Takahashi, Y.Takara, R.Tatad, V.Wing, M.Wong, E.Yang, W.Yang, K.Youngman, L.Yuen, M.Yusui.

The Corner Of Bitter And Sweet 

Playroom Theater, NYC - September 2018

Produced by Lainie Sakakura

General Manager: Joey Monda

Director: Darren Lee

Book by Lainie Sakakura

Music & Lyrics by Paul Fujimoto

Cantonese Consultant: Fenton Li

Music Supervisor: Mark Hummel

Documentarian: Lia Chang

Cast: Alan Ariano, Jane Bernhard, Rick Faugno, Kenny Ingram, Telly Leung, Fenton Li, Jeffrey Li, Carol To Moy, Mary Beth Purdy, Alex Sanchez, Avelina Sanchez, Yuka Takara, Allyson Tucker, Joshua Turchin

Alvin Ing - Got A Lot Of Living To Do 

The Duplex, NYC - May 2016 

Written, Produced, Directed by Lainie Sakakura

Music Direction & Piano: Thomas Conroy

Bass: Vince Fay

Cast: Alvin Ing, Darren Lee, Jose Llana, Hazel Anne Raymundo, Virginia Wing

The Ing And Out Of Alvin - Journey of a Cockeyed Optimist

Don't Tell Mama, NYC - October 2015

Written & Directed by Lainie Sakakura

Music Direction & Piano: Sarah Brett England

Drums: Kory Grossman

Bass: Vince Fay